FIFA 16 Gameplay Tips and Changes Guide

Personal Duels
-In FIFA 16 players the gameplay is more active than before. When youre trying to get passed a defender he will push you and try to win the ball. When running next to the attacker use the controls (B XBOX, Circle Playstation) and steer left or right to push him away from the ball.

Cancel Defending Tackle
-In FIFA 16 it is now possible to cancel a tackle. In the previous game it took really long to get up after making a tackle. In FIFA 16 its possible to stop the tackle and start chasing the attacker. Press square Playstation, or X on XBOX to stand up fast. Also use the fake tackle, tab X fast on Playstation or A on XBOX.

Keepers Spill the Ball
-The keepers in FIFA 16 arent that good in catching the ball anymore. When shooting from a distance the keeper often spills the ball and the ball bounces back in the game. Dont wait for the shot to go in, select the nearest player to the keeper and anticipate on the keeper spilling the ball.

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