FIFA 16 Ultimate Team–Check the Information of Every Player

Building a cheap team means that its unlikely youll know everything about each player in the squad, so hit the right stick over each of them and check their full stats to see where your team is strong and, more importantly, vulnerable. More importantly, learn each players stronger foot, especially for central players so you know which side to place them, otherwise youll see opportunities lost.

Having players able to cut inside and take shots is important, as a goalscoring midfielder is key to any team to clean up deflections or half-clearances. Making sure this player attacks the ball with his stronger foot for volleys and placed shots will give you a much better chance at scoring.

Packs remain a lottery where, once you have a focused strategy and team, are very rarely worth the investment. The main reason for packs is the return of contracts in bulk, but mainly its best to stick to the transfer market and get packs via FUT Draft.

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