Final Fantasy XV: More Copies of the Collector Edition

Gamers who did not purchase a copy of the Collectors Edition of Final Fantasy XV should not worry because Square Enix has reported to produce an additional 10,000 copies, which brings a total of 40,000 copies to release on Sept 30.

Rest assured we are trying our absolute hardest to get them to fans in time. We will of course provide updates on this closer to the time of release as we know how important it is for you guys to have the game as early as possible.

Furthermore, they mentioned four sets of instructions for fans. Fans in North and South America, along with fans in France, may pre-order the Collectors Edition based on Square Enixs waiting list. Those chosen will receive an email that will lead them to purchase the Collectors Edition. The link will expire after 48 hours and will go to the next person on the waiting list. On the other hand, fans in the EU will have a first-come-first-serve basis when it comes to pre-ordering the Collectors Edition. This only means that those interested may wake up and line up early in selected retail stores. Finally, fans in Australia and New Zealand may have to wait a bit longer for further announcements since they did not specify the instructions to be followed for the pre-order.

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