The Career Mode Still Can be Improved in FIFA 17

Every year EA adds new features to FIFAs career mode, and the last edition was no exception. Among the new feature highlights were the weekly training sessions and pre-season tournaments. We liked these additions and they add to the feel of it being a manager simulation, but theres a lot that can still be improved.

The career mode has been stagnant for too long and needs a serious shake-up. The introduction of new features is not enough, the mode needs a complete overhaul. We dont expect FIFA to go all Football Manager, but theres a lot it can do to become more dynamic and fun, especially throughout the year, not just during transfers months.

The scouts and the entire youth system also needs to be renewed, because at this point it is practically useless. And finally, the artificial intelligence in the management of clubs must be improved. Although competent during the first years, after three or four seasons you can see a decrease in the quality of the biggest teams, this being due to poor management.

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